Mozilla has been going through a rough patch lately and has already started cutting down on projects on plate. The company, till date, has already axed several of its projects including file transfer tool, Thunderbolt email platform, etc. Now, the company has announced that it will be ending support for Firefox Lockwise password manager app.
The app support will end on December 13 and after the set date, it will no longer be available for users to download or install the app.
Mozilla announced the app as a part of a small experiment called Lockbox and slowly reformed it into a way to save passwords and use it as autofills for iOS, Android and desktop operating systems. After a while, the app also transformed into a Firefox extension for better autofills integration within the web browser.
The company announced the same via a post on the support page where it recommends its users to continue accessing passwords using Firefox web browser on desktop and mobile. The company further adds that eventually Firefox will adopt Lockwise as an integrated feature and will become a netive for all platforms. With the integration, the Firefox web browser will get the password manager feature systemwide.