Epic Games’ popular battle royale title Fortnite was kicked out of both Android and iOS app stores over using its own in-app purchasing platform. That’s a long story, however, it seems that Epic Games has another plan in mind to bring back the game on both Android and Apple devices without breaking any of Google and Apple’s rules.
To do that Epic Games has announced its partnership with Nvidia via a blog post, where the game developer has confirmed that Fortnite will be available on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service in closed beta testing for a limited time.
In addition to that, Nvidia has also introduced the touch capabilities for GeForce Now with the Fortnite’s closed beta. What that means is GeForce Now users will be able to play the game directly using the touch controls.
It is important to note that GeForce Now users can already stream Fortnite, but that’s the non-touchscreen version and will require them to connect a controller or a keyboard and mouse to play the game.
With Fortnite closed beta coming to GeForce Now, Apple iPhone and iPad users will be able to play the game via Safari web browser by logging into the GeForce Now account or by creating a new one in case they already don’t have an account.
Similarly, Android users can either play the game by downloading the GeForce Now app from Google Play Store.
As mentioned, the touchscreen version of the game is in closed beta, users will have to sign up for a GeForce Now account and choose either free or priority membership to be able to join the waitlist of closed beta.
Nvidia has also confirmed that a paid account isn’t required to participate in the closed-beta program.