How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

6 Step to Loose Weight

Step 1 –  Eat more, Eat healthily.


If you choose foods with low energy and low calories for your daily routine. It means You are eating more volume but consume very few calories.

Weight loss with more food, fewer calories It means, Energy is the number of calories in a specific amount of food. High energy means there are a lot of calories in a little food and law energy means there are few calories in a lot of food. 

When you are striving while weight loss, your goal is to eat low energy-dense foods.

This method helps you two major problems. Your hunger will be satisfied, and your food will not become fat in your body.

For Example,
Difference Between Rice and Wheat.

Rice has 112 to 130 calories per 100 Grams.
Wheat has 340 calories per 100 Grams.

Which one are you choose to eat?

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

I suggest,
List out your food.
Select better food to eat and bad food to Avoid.
Find the way to eat daily.

Step 2 – Know Good Food and Bad Food


When you want to lose weight, It means you want to lose fat and unnecessary stuff from your body.

So, You have to prefer healthier options whenever possible.

However, When we hungry, We don’t think for better option for consume.
That’s why I am here to help you with choosing Good food and avoid bad food.
These are some example of good food and bad food.

There are no good or bad Food. Food is always measured by its content and ingredients used to prepared it. Every food, no matter its classification, provides nutrition and sustenance to the body.

Some people may say that certain foods are not nutritious. However, if you pay attention to the nutritional facts, the amount of protein, sugar, carbohydrates, fibre, etc. will not read zero. Food still provides these nutrients.

Our bodies also need protein, fibre, sugar and fat to survive. It is true that some foods have higher levels of protein or fat than others. However, people should eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients and vitamins they need.

You should eat verity of food for every meal. When food intake is varied, and food is eaten in moderation, eating sugary or fatty foods will not have a negative impact on our health. Anything too much, including good food and water, can be harmful to our bodies (Balletin, 2007). All foods should be eaten in moderation. All food is fuel for our body. There is no difference between good food / bad food. All good is good because all food nourishes our body. This is a foreign message to most people. Books, fitness trainers, television shows, celebrity diets, the Internet, and lawmakers constantly convey the message that food is good or bad. The problem is that this message leads to restrictions and food limitations are often a sign of improper diet.

What is the alternative to good food / bad food mentality?

The idea that food is fuel, all food will nourish the body, and that diversity and moderation are important keys to nutrients the body well. To get rid of this mindset, we should change our language around food. Notice whether the food descriptions are positive or negative. 

“Food is the fuel of your body!”

Remember that whatever you eat provides nutrients for your body.

Step 3 – Food without counting Calories.


I suggest some to stop counting calories, because

  1. All food have different calories although they look for the same.
  2. Food varies because of season, temperature, ripeness, storage, quality etc.
  3. I suggest understanding the Label chart in every packet.

If you are smart, Everyone can make you fool, Socked?

Let me explain,

Guide lines for Industry says that manufacturer of Food products can use 20% of margin in the nutrition label. The can describe 20% or less margin from the actual structure.

You can check the link by Click here…

The exact word of FDA Guidelines is,

 “ The factors 5/4 or 5/6 represent, from the compliance viewpoint, the 20% margin of allowance in labelled values for class II nutrients or for the third group of nutrients, respectively.”

Now, You can understand for consume nutrition is not accurate as per your calculation.

I Suggest that Stop counting calories, Consume that with your whole present ( mentality and Phisicaly)

Can you digest all calories?

I don’t know about you but I can not digest whole food.

When we take any food, Some part of food defiantly undigested from our body.

Whenever we take food or snacks, our body uses it for the turn in calories or Glucose. Other food is turned into gas, Bill, and Rheum, Which are symptoms of our illness

Step 4 – How to Eat


You must have to know how much food you need per day according to your body.

When you eat, just eat. It is a simple thing but trusts me, Concentrate your food makes your digest healthy and appropriate.

You have to eat when you hungry, not you see. Your bodywork by energy not desire of your test.

Too much knowledge on how to eat well is available and it can be daunting! Although you may have read all sorts of stuff about what foods to consume and what to avoid, there are some basic guidelines that will help you make the right decisions about food.

Start by making sure that nutritious foods and drinks are included in your diet.

I suggest how to eat food,

  • Focusing on consuming foods, such as fruits and vegetables, is a simple way to eat healthily. Each food is nutritious and generally low in calories.
  • Whenever possible, try to prepare your meals at home. You can watch what is in your diet and control the portions even more easily by cooking at home. It is also a perfect way to save money and make sure you have something safe to eat on hand at all times.
  • Never fall for diets that require anyone macronutrient control. At first, these kinds of diets can produce noticeable results, but it is unlikely that the plan will be one that you will practice for your entire life.
  • Make yourself sometimes just to participate! It is really good to enjoy a treat as long as you are eating well much of the time, including sweets, snacks, wine, curd, milk, or whatever you like.
  • You have to always know that consume in limit is the best way to control your weight and body.

Step 5 – Sleep – For losing Weight


Sleep is an important factor for Health. Less sleeping invites obesity and weight gain.

Our body needs rest to digest the food.

Sleep can increase your metabolism.

Metabolism is a biological mechanism in which the body transforms the calories required to live into what we consume and drink. Metabolism is part of all of our collective practices, from breathing in the night. In fact, metabolism decreases by 15% to 30% during sleep, hitting its lowest level in the morning.

It means,
While you are Sleeping, Your body converts your fat into energy to digest the food. Ultimately Your Fat digest your food. So, Sleeping or Resting your body plays roll for losing your weight and give you energy for the next day.

Step 6 – Exercise for losing weight


Last but not least,

Do Exercise, to maintaining your body, burn your calorie, Increase your stamina, Energetic your mind and body and many more.

There are many exercises for Weight Loose, For Example,

Running, Cycling, Cardio, Dancing, Rope Jumping, Yoga, meditation, Worm up Exercise, Sprints and so on.

Spinning, Kettlebell Circuits, Rowing, Stairs and many more.

Exercise is nothing else, just keep your body warm, and sweating.

Do light exercise and move your body to break your fat While beginning stage.


You don’t need to hard work for loose weight. There are so many myth for weight loss, that more exercise can lose your weight.

I suggest, Give 30 to 45 minutes for Exercise daily and focus on light exercise.