A week after releasing the fourth beta update of iOS 15.2, Apple has started to roll out the Release Candidate version of iOS 15.2 for testing purposes. For those who don’t know, the Release Candidate or RC version is the final build of an iOS update in the beta stages. In simple terms, it is the final build before a major public release. Till iOS14.2, Apple used the term Golden Master or GM for the final beta builds but with iOS 14.2 that changed to Release Candidate.
The latest update is available to all developers and public testers via over-the-air update in the iPhone’s Settings app. If you are enrolled in the beta program, you can check if you received the update by going into Settings > General > Software Update. If you have received the update you can install it in your phone from the same page. Keep in the mind that the update does not immediately appear for download for every user.
Unveiled at WWDC in June, iOS 15 brings in notable features to iPhones but few features were missing when the company released the update for eligible iPhone models. A couple of those missing features such as SharePlay and ProRes codec for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were added with the iOS 15.1 but the users still haven’t received all the promised features. With iOS 15.2, the tech giant will release more promised features to the users including App Privacy Report.
The App Privacy Report privacy feature allows users to see how much of their sensitive information such as location, camera, photos, microphone and others has been accessed by the application installed on their smartphones. It shows a report of what the apps have been doing behind the scenes over the past seven days. Apart from this, the company has also redesigned the Notification Summary feature with iOS 15. After installing the upcoming iOS, when you tap on the summary, you see all the notifications on a single card. On previous iOS versions, the notifications are shown in separate cards.