In an interview with Zane Lowe, the well-known music composer Hans Zimmer talked about Apple’s Spatial Audio technology and the composer seems to like it very much.
While the most part of the interview was about Zimmer’s career, they also shared a small conversation about Apple’s Spatial Audio technology. Zimmer mentioned to Zane Lowe that Jony Ive (Apple’s former design chief) keeps sending him something even though they’ve never met in person. This time Ive sent him new headphones with a note saying “I made this.”
Zimmer told Zowe that he doesn’t listen to his songs “because they’re on stereo”. But Zimmer mentioned that these headphones are ‘amazing’. Being impressed with the entire Spatial Audio technology and the headphones, he contacted his friends at Dolby to ask them to do the entire soundtrack again and do CDs again and he wanted to do all this immersive experience. Surprisingly, he was told that these headphones do not actually exist and he has the only pair.
Zimmer hasn’t mentioned the name of the headphones that were sent to him by Jony Ive but it may be the AirPods Max.
The AirPods Max was launched in December 2020, the spatial audio support came earlier this year and we already know that Ive left Apple back in June 2019. There could be two possibilities here. Either Apple created the headphones in 2019 and launched them in 2020. Or Ive helped Apple create the headphones even after leaving the company.
The latter part seems to be more accurate though as Ive told that he will remain involved with Apple.