हिमालय आसन का अभ्यास ।। Step By Step Training for Himalaya Aasan


आसन एक advanced आसन है । इसका अभ्यास आपके शरीर को शक्तिशाली बनाता है ।इस आसन को बहुत धीरे धीरे करना चाहिए ,जब आप आसन में आ जाएँ तो वहाँ सावधानी से Hold करने का अभ्यास करना चाहिए ।। 2 से 3 सप्ताह में आप इस आसन को पूरी तरह से कर पाएँगे ।। Himalaya Aasan (हिमालय आसन) Himalayaasana An advanced level posture, Himalayaasana should be practiced under the guided supervision of an expert. Please follow these step by step instructions to get into the pose. It is advisable that you warm up the body effectively before attempting the pose. Do not practice this posture if your shoulders, wrists, spine, neck, hamstrings or knees are injured. If your blood pressure is imbalanced or if you have Vertigo, do not strain yourself. If you feel dizzy, release the posture and rest. A person with a slipped disk must avoid attempting this posture Benefits of Himalaya asana • Expands the chest and improves lung capacity • Strengthens arms, legs and the muscles surrounding your spine • Improves sense of balance • Significantly stretches the hamstrings situated behind your knees • Mobilises knees, wrists and shoulders and prevents them from turning stiff • Flexes the spine and keeps it healthy • Helps remove excess fat and tones your body • Enhances the functioning of all digestive organs • Stimulates the endocrine glands and balances your body’s metabolism rate Formation of the Posture • Begin by assuming Chakrasana • Bring your palms and feet closer to each other • Bring your left foot to the center of the width of your mat and slightly tilt your foot such that your toes point to the left • Raise your right leg high up and fold your leg • Distribute your body weight between your left arm and leg as you lift your right arm up • Hold your right big toe firmly with your right thumb, index and middle fingers • Focus at a point to maintain balance • Gradually straighten your right leg without letting go of your toe • Remain in the asana for at least 30 seconds • Alternate your limbs and repeat the steps listed above Breathing Methodology Inhale as you raise your limbs and straighten them, try to retain your breath while you remain in the posture and exhale as you bring your body down. Navigating back from the posture • After you repeat the posture on the opposite side, fold your left leg • Gradually let go of your left big toe and bring your limbs to the ground one after the other • Lift your head up and slowly place your pelvis, back and head on the floor • Extend your legs forward and bring your arms beside your body

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