टिट्टिभासन का अभ्यास ।How to do Firefly Pose || Step by step Training for Tittibhasan


Tithibahasana or Firefly Pose is an advanced arm balance. This pose is very good for strengthening the wrists, forearms, shoulders, triceps, hip flexors, and your core muscles. It provides a stretch for the hamstrings, adductors, and outer hips. Practicing it will help improve your sense of balance. To get into Firefly Pose it would be ideal to start from the position of Downward Facing Dog. Starting from this position can give you better command over the pose but this firefly position can also be initiated from Malasana or Garland Pose for from Bhujpeedasana as well. Start your practice with Sukshma Vyayam to warm up the body by stepping forward with the right leg outside the right palm stepping it back and by bringing the left leg outside the left Palm. Gradually, start holding in Malasana and pushing your knees straight allows your lower body to become warm and ready for the firefly pose. Step-by-Step Instructions Step 1 Squat with your feet outside your palms. Step 2 Bring your left upper arm and shoulder as far as possible underneath the back of your left thigh just above the knee and place your left hand on the floor at the outside edge of your foot, fingers pointing forward. Repeat these actions on the other side. Step 3 Lift yourself off the floor by pressing your hands into the floor and slowly begin to shift your weight back, off your feet and onto your hands. Keep your inner thighs on your arms as high as possible. Step 4 Breathe in and stretch your legs out to the sides as straight as you can, keeping your pelvis high making your legs parallel to the floor. Step 5 Straighten your arms as much as possible. Try to widen your shoulders as much as possible; this will help you lift your torso higher. Step 6 Relax your neck, lift your head and gaze forward. Breathe slowly and hold the pose for 15 seconds or longer, then release your feet to the floor with an exhale. After practicing firefly pose relax your hands especially your wrists. Sit in Vajrasana and rest your body by breathing deeply

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